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How long had it been since they were together anyway? How long had it been since she took him on as an apprentice too? It had been a while and although there had been a few bumps in the road they always got along quite well. Rin already anticipated the years to come when they went abroad together and such. Shirou would be able to learn more about magic and she would improve as well, they’d be doing this together. She had no doubt that they would always be by one another’s side. Besides, she did promise Archer to make sure that Shirou didn’t end up like him. He said Shirou wouldn’t as long as he had her by his side and she believed that.

“Alright, I’ll think about it tonight and give you an answer tomorrow.” She’d have to check the weather first to make sure it didn’t end up ruining their plans.

Rin took a moment to stare at him, it was a bit obvious that he was happy. Inwardly she smiled as well, Rin was excited for this date too. Even if it was part of an apology for not telling her where he was going to be for so long. Which is why she was going to have as much fun as she could on this trip as well as making sure Shirou had fun too. After all it wouldn’t be any good if she was the only one enjoying herself.

Dinner? Hmm…Well it’s not like she really had anyone else to eat with so she thought she might as well join him.

“Sure, why not? I expect you’ll be cooking something delicious as always Shirou.” She couldn’t help but smile, it had been too long since she had his cooking and much less since she was able to spend some time with him.

[Shirou smiled at her approval and remembered that she liked a lot being treated as the proper lady she was so thought doing something gentlemanly for once and offered one of his arms to her, ready to escort her already. And he obviously also wanted to make a good impression to her.]

Shall we go then?

[And even though she might see through his intentions, he knew that she wouldn’t let go of this chance either and still smiled.]

Of course, today will be a western style dish so you see how much I’ve improved at it!

[And even though he knew she was still a little better than him with western dishes, he always tried to improve on them to surpass her and at least be able to beat her in that single area since she well… pretty much beat him in a lot more, specially on magic ones.]

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I have some confuses here. Illya is Kiritsugu and Irishviel daughter. In Fate zero, Illya is 8 years old when the 4th Holy Grail war starts. 10 years later, the fifth begin => Illya supposes to be 18 years old girl (she is still a kid =.=)

Saber knows Illya is her master’s daughter. She doesn’t recognize illya in Fate/stay night :O

[[About Saber not recognizing Illya, I think she might have done so but didn’t say much since she was an enemy to her new master and she was pretty changed so she couldn’t do anything about it. And she also mentions later to Shirou about her being Kiritsugu’s Servant before but she hid it until much further in the fight so she might’ve hidden this fact from Shirou as well since it wasn’t really useful information for battle tactics and thus wasn’t needed for him to know.

And well, Illya’s still a child because she’s partially a homunculus and it’s stated at the starte of Fate/Zero in the novel that she would stop growing up because that was how she was intended for the purpose of being the host to the grail. So yeah she’s basically even a bit older than Shirou.]]

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She smiled when he replied that he didn’t have any place in mind and that of course it would be her choice. If it wasn’t obvious before it should be obvious now that currently Rin wears the pants in this relationship.

“Good, I’ll let you know where I want to go as soon as I think of it.”

“The weather has been getting nice lately so we might either go out to the beach, aquarium, or an amusement park.” All typical date places considering she couldn’t even remember the last time they had one.

So yes, Rin was planning on using up almost all of the money that he earned from being stupidly helpful but she had forgiven him already. She just didn’t say so and allowed Shirou to think what he did. If anything she would probably buy a few things for him…without really saying they were for him at first because she’d like it to be a slight surprise but well that’s topic for a different day.

“…well of course I wouldn’t pull you away just like that since you want to help them out. I’m not that mean…am I?” Her tone softening a bit, she was trying to be a bit…nicer seeing as how it’s been so long since they were together.

[It was incredible how these two managed to work these things out. And still, the fact that he promised to go with her once she went abroad was something that he had always in his mind so it was more reason for him to help as much as he could for the time being. Once he was gone from this country, even if only for some years, he would be completely at her mercy and having her as a teacher would prove to be both enjoyable and quite tiresome since their relationship wouldn’t make her go easier on him once there.]

Yeah, any of those places sound really good so once you decide where you want to go do let me know.

[He’d be lying if he said that he didn’t look forward to spending more time with her already but since this was something he suggested as an apology, he had to make sure that Rin was the one who enjoyed it the most, and of course he would have to take his savings along because this trip would be perhaps the most expensive one he’d have to pay ever.]

And well, for now I was already going home since today I got out early from work so would you like to join me for dinner? 

[Even though it was a bit late, it was still early enough for him to prepare some dinner and since there wasn’t any war going on, he could always escort her back to her house after that since the city had been peaceful lately.]

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“Jeez, Learn to take a joke Shirou. Lighten up a bit.” However, even he knew he crossed the line there. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t cross it again later, but he would at least try to make amends now. Would make a good start for when he needed to make amends later, and considering how many times he nearly killed the boy before, it was probably a good idea to get started.

“Listen, despite me being here, this isn’t another Grail War. There would be more servants by now. The fact that there is only another Lancer about means that we’re a special case. Something else is going on, but, at least for the moment, you’re not directly involved in it. Neither is Rin, or anyone else. If that changes, you’ll be the first one to know. The benefit of not being enemies with me for once, eh? Everything is fine.” He patted the red-head on the back with a surprising amount of a force, smiling a bit. “So pull that stick out of your ass and enjoy yourself a bit. You better take care of Rin too! I’m not gonna let you make my death any less valuable!”

[That explanation was indeed something that managed to ease his worries this time. If there wasn’t going to be another war, at least it meant that people should be safe, for most of it anyway. Whatever the reason for there to be servants appearing there, it would need to be investigated further but just like the man said,  it would be better to keep him as a friend and well, even if their first meeting wasn’t what one would call a good memory, he did a lot for them later so he still felt somewhat indebted to him and surrendered with a sigh.]

I do hope it’s nothing like a war in that case and I also hope you’re right on none of us being involved if there’s anything going on… but still your jokes are not funny.

[Although he had decided to give it a try at being friends with this man, he still felt this friendship would be a rough one hearing how crude his humor was.]

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She sighed. Rin knew that he’d probably keep that overly helpful personality trait for most if not all of his life. It was going to get him into trouble, it’s already gotten him into trouble. He would end up hurting himself somehow like that and well, yeah she was worried about him.

“It better be soon or else I’m forcing you to leave it early.” She knew that he knew that she was being serious about that. Rin was still currently stronger than him after all.

Her ears perked up and her expression slowly changed when she heard him saying about how they should go somewhere and it would be his treat. Now that she thought about it, with all the time he was gone and supposedly working…that meant that he should have plenty of money to spare.

“Of course it’s your treat, and of course I get to choose where don’t I?” The tone in her voice held no room for argument so yeah, it was her choice. “Unless you have a good place in mind?”

Either way she was going to make sure she used up most of the money he earned as repayment for not telling her where he was this whole entire time. Though she would leave him some of the money to do what he wanted with it, she wasn’t completely mean to him after all.

[The tone in her voice suggested the worst outcome. He could already feel frightened of how much would she spend on the weekend but it was the least he could do to apologize.]

O-Of course.

But no I don’t have any place in mind so we’ll just do what you want.

[And even though he’d like to call it a date, given the circumstances until he could properly apologize it would mean that he would do whatever she wanted and he’d end up being more like her servant than anything else so for now he thought it was the best to do that.]

And it would be a problem if you made me quit when they were in problem but lucky enough that’s already settling down so I can feel a bit at ease even if you were to do that.

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In a short view of it all, it really did seem like the Lancer was rather lonely. Sure, he flirted with any female who came by, but that didn’t really mean he had friends, now did it? He saved both of them before (though he did seriously regret doing so afterward) with little thought to the consequences. He said it was for revenge or to get back at Kotomine, but that was only so believable…

“Besides, with you busy, I might as well take my chances. Rin’s pretty cute you know.”

[Yet again, Shirou knew how the man was right and it annoyed him the most.]

I never said I wasn’t thankful for that time but that’s that and I don’t think she would like anyone saying that she needs to be looked after. If she heard you, you’d be in for a lot of trouble.

[She wasn’t that prideful for nothing and he knew that better than anyone but had somehow managed to learn how to handle it already. But still Shirou was having a hard time accepting the idea of Lancer being back in the place but just like the man said, if they were stuck with each other, they might as well get along.]

“Besides, with you busy, I might as well take my chances. Rin’s pretty cute you know.”

[Well, now he remembered why he felt so defensive when it came to Rin when being around Lancer, even as a joke, he sure knew how to annoy him.]

YOU-!!! I Knew it, your being here is not something good after all!

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